Cure Insomnia? How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Randy Travis sings, “I’m gonna love you forever
Forever and ever, amen
As long as old men sit and talk about the weather
As long as old women sit and talk about old men.”

A few days ago I was talking to my friend about our husbands. We were discussing snoring. My friend was telling me how frustrated she gets because her husband drops off to sleep within 10 minutes and begins to snore. Even if it doesn’t shake the rafters it still has a rhythm that can be jarring. She gets up and goes to another room to read until she’s sleepy enough to go back to bed. Mine used to snore and sometimes stop breathing. His fatigue and lack of energy led to the diagnosis of sleep apnea and he was fitted with a CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) so the snoring has become non-existent. My deal with his snoring was it definitely kept me awake and I would shake him or push him just to make it stop. Of course those tactics don’t work for very long. This, of course, led to sleepless nights and tiredness and irritability the next day.

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Natural Bath and Beauty Products – Handcrafting, Buying, Selling

My quest for all natural beauty products began in elementary school. Let me explain. I made a candle out of a Pringles can, paraffin, string and melted crayons (following a craft teacher’s instructions, of course) and I got excited.

Pringles canCandle wickBroken crayons

I could turn random things into a functional yet beautiful househould item. As I got older I learned more crafty things – sewing, embroidery, crossstitch, decoupage, tin punch, crochet. I sewed a Barbie doll dress. I embroidered a pillowcase. I made crossstitch wall hangings. I decoupaged a trivet tile. I made tin punch Christmas tree ornaments. I crocheted an afghan for my Aunt. Continue reading “Natural Bath and Beauty Products – Handcrafting, Buying, Selling”

If you almost die maybe it’s time to make a change…

September 24, 2016

I was in my home office. It was a Saturday. I have two computers – a Windows 10 laptop and a Windows 7 desktop. I was playing FreeCell on the desktop computer. It seems silly but that’s how I was keeping my brain sharp – at least that’s what I told myself. My husband was on the couch and he was looking at something on his computer (which he keeps tied to our smart TV – it serves as a very large monitor.) As I played this silly card game things began to get really strange. To me it looked like all of the cards were bunched up when I dragged them over to a stack. I was puzzled. This wasn’t normal behavior for this particular game. My next thought was “maybe I should log out – or shut down – or something” so I dutifully clicked the Windows key on my keyboard. As an IT professional I am aware that when one clickes on that particular key a menu pops up allowing you to make a decision – log off, restart, shut down – or something similar. In my mind I should have been able to click on one of those and follow the instructions. On this day I became confused. I was certain I could just DO SOMETHING but nothing happened. I kept pressing the Windows key which opened the menu – and then closed the menu – and then opened the menu – and then closed the menu. You see, I didn’t ever take the next step. I just couldn’t. Continue reading “If you almost die maybe it’s time to make a change…”

Going back to my roots

I don’t know why I gravitate to herbal medicine books and crafting spa products. Maybe it was when I had my very first spa experience. I was stationed in Puerto Rico in the late 90s. My friend was young and pretty and of Indian descent. Her name was Shiva. She invited me to go with her for a massage appointment at the resort down the street. The first stop was the registration desk. We were offered slippers and a very plush bathrobe and directed to the changing area. I didn’t know what to expect but I followed Shiva’s lead. I took a shower and used the shampoo and conditioner and liquid soap in the stall. They were all eucalyptus. I wore a bathing suit (at her recommendation) and took a dip in the hot tub. I sat there for at least 5 minutes, sweating and then relaxing. When I got out, I rinsed off with a cool spray and then followed Shiva to the sauna. I was oh so limp. After about 30 minutes we went back to the showers and changed out of our swimsuits into just underwear and the robe. When we finally got to the massage area there was a waiting room. There were lounge chairs and spa magazines and different teas. Shiva was called in first so I drank some tea and picked up a magazine Continue reading “Going back to my roots”